New porcelains are now available for the first time ever that make it possible to bridge spaces in the mouth with outstanding strength, superior esthetics and no need for a metal substructure. As you might think, these non-metallic bridges are causing a bit of a revolution in dentistry. What would have been unthinkable a few years ago is becoming commonplace. This is almost akin to replacing the Golden Gate Bridge with glass and plastic. Impossible, you say? We thought so ourselves just a few years ago and now everything has changed.

before and after comparison of dental bridge treatment

With the advent of Zirconia reinforced porcelain, metal-free bridgework can look and feel so lifelike with such incredible strength that only your dentist would know for sure your teeth aren't real. We use the same porcelain for partial crowns and inlays in areas where strength and cosmetics are of utmost importance. Empress porcelain is also being used for the most lifelike esthetic veneers we've ever produced.

Another exceptionally strong, new porcelain technique for single crowns is called Procera. This technology involves the carving of a crown by a computerized lathe after transferring the information from a dental impression to the computer hard drive. Procera produces superior fitting restorations onto which a technician applies and bakes porcelain, achieving its final shape and contour.

All in all, we have many new options for the restoration of your teeth that provide you exceptional strength and unparalleled aesthetics. If you have ever wished to eliminate the dark spots in your mouth, or bridge the open spaces without the use of metals, there are options now available to you that are state of the art.

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