Composite fillings, also called white or tooth-colored fillings, restore a tooth affected by decay or trauma. Composed of glass crystal epoxy resin, composite fillings look cosmetically pleasing while offering several advantages over amalgam (silver) fillings. Dr. Joe Armel is committed to using only the latest and best technologies and dental practices, and we have not used amalgam fillings since 1980. If you are interested in learning more about composite fillings, contact our Marin County, CA-area practice and schedule a consultation.

About Composite Fillings

Close-up of a mouth and dental tool

Dentists have used several metal filling materials to treat cavities over the years, including gold and silver. While these materials are effective in filling cavities, they have distinct disadvantages.

Gold and silver fillings contrast with the teeth, making them an undesirable option for dentists and patients who prefer a more natural-looking restoration. In addition, silver amalgam fillings contain a small amount of mercury, a toxic material. Although the FDA has determined that these fillings are safe, many patients prefer alternative filling materials with no toxicity.

Composite fillings are popular because of their overall versatility and advantages. Composite fillings blend with your tooth, create an excellent seal, and offer outstanding strength. Unlike silver fillings, the composite resin expands and contracts and nearly the same rate as your tooth when exposed to cold and heat, minimizing the risk of tooth fractures. This material is best suited for small to medium fillings. More extensive restoration may require an inlay or onlay, usually made from porcelain or zirconia. In other cases, Dr. Armel may recommend a dental crown. Crowns, inlays, and onlays are fabricated in a lab rather than being bonded directly to the teeth at the time of treatment. All of these restorative treatments can return function and aesthetics to a patient's smile.

The Modern Approach to Cavity Treatment

Modern techniques and materials make it easier than ever to fill a cavity. At our practice, we offer painless cavity treatment with highly aesthetic composite fillings that match the shade and coloring of your natural teeth. Dr. Armel will carefully and gently eliminate all areas of decay ensuring your comfort and your future oral health.  After we have removed all signs of decay, we can apply the epoxy-composite resin and bond it instantly to the tooth with a curing light. Once the cavity has been filled, we will make any necessary adjustments to achieve a comfortable bite. Finally, you can leave our office with a beautifully restored smile and complete oral functioning.

We Care About Your Oral Health

Of course, the best filling is no filling. Even with the great technology at our disposal, we would rather never have to treat cavities. You can avoid cavities by brushing at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, flossing daily, and keeping up with professional cleanings. We can help you develop proper dental hygiene habits and perform different preventive treatments to ensure your optimal oral health. To schedule an appointment for preventive care or cavity treatment, contact us today.