When people 1st visit our office, they're often surprised. It just doesn't feel like a dental office! To us, that's a high compliment, and it's part of what makes our office such a unique health care facility. It's the openness, the colors, the smiles, the high technology, the commitment to excellence and the sense of humor. We have fun and enjoy what we do. Hope it comes across.

At the south end of Corte Madera Town Center, you'll find the entrance to our office under the blue awning. Just take the elevator to the 3rd floor, turn right, then right again. You can't miss us.


Dr. Armel's waiting roomC'mon into our living room and make yourself at home. Have some coffee, tea or juice, and check out the art. Some of our magazines are even current!


reception area of Dr. Armel's practiceBrenda and Jo Ann are ready to help you enjoy your first visit to our open environment. No peek-a-boo windows for this place!


Dr. Armel performing a dental procedureDr. Joe and an expert Registered Dental Assistant perform miracle molar mechanics in one of our seven state-of-the-art operatories


Dr. Armel wearing a Superman costumeDr. Joe prepares to work on a particularly tough patient. Daily, he comes to the rescue, fighting for justice & tooth. Check his bio page to read about his early years on Krypton.

picture of a smile on a monitor made by an intraoral cameraYour teeth are the stars with ToothCam!Our intra-oral video camera allows you to see exactly what we see, and helps us make the best decisions for your care.

dental assistant helping a patient use a panoramic x-ray machineMichelle helps a patient with our wrap around Panographic X-ray system. This handy device takes a very useful full mouth picture, and does it in one quick pass, thus avoiding glow in the dark patients.

dental hygienist cleaning a patient's teethMaria, one of our inspired hygienists, loves to take meticulous care of her patients. No spinach caught between your teeth when she's done!

dental equipment being sterilizedSterilization is serious business to us, and at the core of everything we do! Our other Maria, who heads up this key area, scours, dips, bakes and shakes those instruments immaculately clean in a process that leaves nothing to chance. Bacteria hate Maria.

a newly-minted ceramic crownA red hot ceramic crown emerges from our computerized porcelain oven. We use this dandy little furnace to add & stain porcelain on the spot, minimizing trips to the lab for us, and extra appointments for you. Now if we could just get it to make popcorn!

Longtime patients will remember the "original" Bar & Drill logo from the 1970's. Well, it's alive and well and can be seen at the entrance to the doctor's private offices.

Our office uses the most advanced technology and laser dentistry to help our patients achieve their aesthetic goals. Whether you need a cosmetic smile makeover treatment or a restorative dental implant procedure, Dr. Armel will create a beautiful smile for you. Contact our office today!